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Sigiriya Kite Fest 2019

A Roaring Success

Colombo, 1 st July 2019: The sky over the Sigiriya Rock came alive on the 16 th of June, with hundreds of kites of every color and shape, at the Sigiriya Kite Fest ’19. Organized by Deep Jungle Entertainment, the message of the festival ‘Come Back to Sri Lanka’, was a reminder to travelers that Sri Lanka is not a country prone to terrorism, instead one filled with love, beauty, history and timeless heritage.


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The kite craft is an art that runs deep in the local blood, an extension to one’s creativity, varying at the hands of the individual building it. We witnessed a number of locals and tourists, at the Rangirigama Village, participating in the kite competition. Onlookers were in awe of the spectacular kites there were flown that afternoon, all of which were handmade by the participants of all age groups and backgrounds.

The staff of Hotel Sigiriya took a hand at building a kite, shaped as a ship to signify that Sri Lanka had to sail through some troubled waters in the recent past; however, came out stronger than ever on the other side.

On the entertainment front, musical and cultural performances entertained the crowds, showcasing our local talent and reflecting the country’s vibrant heritage, through dance. Stalls were lined up, bursting with gastronomy, with everything from scrumptious local savories, sweets and beverages.

The atmosphere was filled with a great sense of excitement and it was a great honor for Hotel Sigiriya to be the official hospitality partner for Sigirya Kite Fest ’19. The Management and Staff of Hotel Sigiriya and the parent company Serendib Leisure Hotels, pledge to do their part to rebuild the tourism industry by promoting it as a safer destination to all its travel partners and potential tourists.

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