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Located under the shadow of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sigiriya Nature Reserve and in the heart of the Cultural Triangle - Hotel Sigiriya is the perfect vantage point for travellers looking to step back in time. The rustic "one-with-nature" feel of the hotel is brought to life by the Resident Naturalist who will walk you through the bird trails, through the jungle or when you safari through the National Parks; all in close proximity to see the magnificent elephants in their natural habitat.

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Rest in the Shadow OF SIGIRIYA ROCK

Escape the relentless chatter of the modern world and tune into the rhythm of the jungle instead. Switch off modern technology as you have playful monkeys waking you in the morning with their chatter.

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Explore the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and around. Trek in the wild, hop on a bike, visit a local village or witness the big elephant migration.