Arrival 23 Sat 2021 , October
Depature 24 Sun 2021 , October

Dutch Canal & boat rides

Glimpse at local life and marsh fauna

The Dutch Canal, also known as the Hamilton Canal, is a fascinating waterway which functioned as a supply route to the Dutch administration during the time of colonisation. Today, the renovated Canal features a suspension bridge for pedestrians designed like a castle tower and boats to hitch rides on. With its coloured ribbons of light, it is especially picturesque at night.

The boat ride/safari that takes one along the old Dutch canal which runs through Waikkal presents visitors a glance at bird life, essentially comprising waders, stunning kingfishers, rare pied kingfishers, bee-eaters, Brahminy kites, etc. Water monitors bearing an uncanny resemblance to crocodiles are also bound to make an appearance. The boat journey can be prolonged by following the canal in to the sea, where one can continue onwards to Negombo and hop into the town to do some shopping and return via boat to Waikkal.

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