Arrival 23 Sat 2021 , October
Depature 24 Sun 2021 , October

Turtle Hatchery, Kosgoda

Villagers from the area often collect eggs and bring them to be buried to the sand Hatchery in Peraliya. If there’s lot of sunshine, they hatch in about 48 days. The baby turtles are then placed in tanks for about 10 days to prepare them for their release.

Turtles are frequently injured at sea. Many get caught in fishing nets, whilst others are attacked by people attempting to catch and kill them for their meat. The few that survive are cared for by Turtle Farms such as these, and those that make a recovery are re-released to the sea.

These Farms encourage locals to bring in eggs or turtles to them by making a payment as incentive. This move helps conserve turtles and persuades people to stop selling and eating turtles and their eggs.

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