Arrival 22 Fri 2021 , October
Depature 23 Sat 2021 , October

Madu Ganga Safari

The 915-hectare Madu Ganga estuary is connected by two narrow channels, to the Randombe Lake, forming a complex wetland system encompassing 64 mangrove islets. In the year 2000, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) undertook a detailed biodiversity survey of the region and revealed the existence of 10 major wetland vegetation types which supports over 300 plant species and 248 species of vertebrates. This remarkable diversity has led to it being classified under the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands in 2003. Visit this lush land to be able to try out delicious traditional meals with “Kirala” juice (an indigenous mangrove fruit grown along the coast).

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