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Are you Sri Lankan?
Please note that in order for the domestic rates to be applicable the Sri Lankan Identity card or the local resident VISA should be produced upon check in at the hotel. In case of group bookings, please note that individual room guest will have to produce the above mentioned identification in order for domestic rates to be applicable.

Wedding Venues

A wedding in Sri Lanka is an enchanting experience. Ancient customs mingled with the exotic features of a typical Sri Lankan wedding will certainly create eternal memories to cherish. Choose your dream wedding destination and theme from a range of choices available at our various resorts. Be it a spectacular beach wedding accompanied by the soft sound of the waves or an adventurous tropical jungle-themed wedding in a lush green forest, Serendib Leisure has a collection of hotels and resorts to provide you with perfect wedding venues and services to suit your needs. Let us plan your distinctive celebration of love as you turn a new chapter in your life with the love of your lifeā€¦!