• Romantic Wedding at Hotel Sigiriya
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  • Romantic Wedding at Hotel Sigiriya
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Please note that in order for the domestic rates to be applicable the Sri Lankan Identity card or the local resident VISA should be produced upon check in at the hotel. In case of group bookings, please note that individual room guest will have to produce the above mentioned identification in order for domestic rates to be applicable.


After savouring the rich traditions of our jungle themed wedding, we at Hotel Sigiriya will create the perfect ambience for you and your partner to embark on a dream honeymoon. Experience the warmth of the sights and sounds of nature as the two of you begin to make memories that are sure to linger on.

Why not go on a cycling tour or head out on the back of a majestic elephant? Visit the famed rock fortress of Sigiriya for breathtaking views of surrounding vegetation and a taste of our proud heritage. Unearth the adventurer in you by treating your partner to an absorbing wildlife safari that will take you deep into the heart of the jungle. Discover the art of true Sri Lankan hospitality during your stay with us.