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Please note that in order for the domestic rates to be applicable the Sri Lankan Identity card or the local resident VISA should be produced upon check in at the hotel. In case of group bookings, please note that individual room guest will have to produce the above mentioned identification in order for domestic rates to be applicable.


Have you always longed for a riveting adventure set against the picturesque backdrop of the Sigiriya rock? Take a trek through thick jungle teeming with mischievous monkeys and colourful butterflies that will open out into the warm surroundings of local villages where you will be able share a ‘chena’ lunch and engage in pleasantries with the folk. Our hotel will serve as the ideal base from where you can climb the Lion Rock of Sigiriya and visit the famous frescoes of yesteryears.

Capture the majesty of the Sri Lankan Elephant in its natural habitat upon entry to the Minneriya National Park. Make your way to the Minneriya Reservoir to watch herds of over 300 wild elephants drink and splash about which is commonly referred to as ‘The Gathering’.

Discover the magic of Sigiriya by hopping on a bike that will take you past golden paddy fields and ancient irrigation systems that have stood the test of time. Whether with family or just by yourself, a biking tour will offer you the essence of local country life bathed in warm sunshine.