AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa
Bentota, Sri Lanka
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Please note that in order for the domestic rates to be applicable the Sri Lankan Identity card or the local resident VISA should be produced upon check in at the hotel. In case of group bookings, please note that individual room guest will have to produce the above mentioned identification in order for domestic rates to be applicable.


Wed in paradise. Let the golden beaches of Bentota fringed with the jade green of the coconut palms and the shimmering water of the Indian Ocean provide as the setting for your romantic escapade. Let your feet be embraced by the warm golden sand of Bentota beach as you take your first steps towards a brand new chapter of life as husband and wife.

Choose from a simple yet charming, intimate celebration for two or a full blown traditional Sri Lankan wedding adorned in customary vibrancy in an elaborate ceremony laced with energetic Kandyan dancers and traditional rites and rituals. However, the crown jewel of the event would be the beautifully adorned elephant gracing the precincts during the ceremony!